Dave's Trauma in His Own Words


I am Dave McIntyre , born and bred in Manchester. I joined the reserves in 1989 , and continued to serve with them until I joined the regulars in 1995 . I have served in the Falklands, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Germany and Afghanistan. After leaving the regular army in 2002 with an exemplary conduct record , I went right back into the reserves where I served a further two years .

I then went to Iraq to work as a private military contractor. After several years of seeing horrific scenes and losing far too many friends to both enemy action and preventable road traffic accidents I managed to set up my own security firm. This was a major achievement for me. I employed mostly Iraqi nationals who I had worked with over many years and trusted as friends , one even saved my life. Unfortunately not being a skilled business man, my venture failed. I returned to the UK and tried to start again. I returned to what I knew best and rejoined the reserves, this time in the royal military police. I knew I would be deployed to Afghanistan but I was willing to serve my country again in whatever way I could.

I was deployed to Afghanistan on Op Herrick on my birthday 9th April 2012 , four weeks before one of my best friends was killed by an IED along with another five soldiers. His death hit me hard and for the first time in my life made me wonder if this was the right thing to do. All through my previous career I was pretty much alone; a failed marriage and no kids meant I had no ties but this had changed. I was now with my current partner. When she and her children entered my life I changed for the better and now I was afraid of losing them and of losing the chance to grow with them and expand our family .

Part of my duties in Afghan involved repatriating fallen soldiers , this was something I did a lot and thankfully was always at night so I could mask the tears that were running down my cheeks. Whilst in Afghanistan I lost another friend, a fellow police officer , he was in fact an RAF police officer and together with another soldier was murdered by a rogue solider. All these things were building up inside me, alongside all the other difficult things I had seen in my army and private career.

In July 2012 I was told to report to my platoon office. When I entered I knew something was wrong , I though someone I loved had died. But it was here that I was informed that an international arrest warrant had been issued to face charges in the US . I was given 45 minutes to pack my belongings and get on a plane to the UK . If I had been given the opportunity to get legal advice it would have gone no further as I was in a foreign country and the warrant was for the UK . But being a good soldier I didn't question the order I was given and got in the aircraft back to UK.

I have been verbally accused of fraud by a man I was protecting when working in Iraq. He has not provided any evidence of my guilt but the sole fact that he has named me is enough - because of the extradition treaty agreement we have with the US - my own country are to let me be taken to the USA, out of the country I love and have defended with my life, to face 20 years to life imprisonment in the USA. All over an alleged fraud of £65,000. I vehemently deny these accusations and would happily stand trial in UK and defend myself. The man who has accused me has named me in a plea bargain deal for a lighter sentence.

I have been on court bail for two years , I have been unable to visit family and friends or take a holiday. The extradition proceedings have exacerbated my condition of PTSD, which has been confirmed by a psychiatrist. Every day I deal with PTSD which manifests it self in so many ways , and I am constantly reminded that the days I may have left in the UK are few. I have contemplated suicide several times , I am a very proud and private man , and I feel constant shame about the situation I am in and the pressure it has brought on both myself and my family and friends .

I am reluctant to await trial in America as I have been told by an American Penal System expert that I will be incarcerated for at least a year while a trial date is awaited. I would not be able to fight my case from prison and I am scared for my own health if I were to be put in an American jail as the same expert has told me I would not get the correct treatment for my PTSD, and have this week offered me electric shock treatment to cure my PTSD .

I ask you sign my petition and ask your friends and family to sign it so I can defend myself in the country I love with the people I love around me.

Thank you

Dave McIntyre

Change.org petition: https://www.change.org/savedave